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Terms of use

What you CAN DO with textures from Ftextures:

  • Personal or commercial projects;
  • Graphic design or webdesign projects, movies and printed media
  • 3D models, games, architectural visualizations.

Some images contain patterns, logos, names or signs and the use of them in your projects is at your own discretion. There are situations when you are not allowed to use this kind of images in commercial projects - do some research.

What you CANNOT DO with textures from Ftextures:

  • Sell or distribute them in a texture pack or website theme;
  • Release the textures from this site under Open Source Licences;

Did you find the textures from Ftextures useful and used it in your projects?

Please inform the world that we helped you and write in your 3D product/project documentation:
"Some of the textures used for this 3D product/project are provided by".